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However, this new mod has more advanced functionalities and more time is put into the map compared to the latest version of the LA I made. In regards to current mod status: As far as making a traffic car pack together I'll talk to you in PM about that for a later date perhaps..

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Welcome to the emergenncy of the Manhattan and Brooklyn mods for Emergency 4. Will the Trucks be updatet? Let me know what you think. Currently the most recent versions are - Manhattan - Version 3 Brooklyn - Version 1 Here's a list of each version in order of release Manhattan Mod v1.

Manhattan & Brooklyn Modifications for Emergency 4: Global Fighters for Life

Will the mod be compatible with Intel graphics? So many new scripts.

All of the emergency vehicles added have some type of function associated with them, tork Fire and Police wise. In regards to gameplay, technically the mod will be completely different using a mission scripted progressive based freeplay style, comparable to the US Army Mod, yet more advanced.

We have added new functions to go with the new more involved mission types. Due to this, could everyone please check emergencu own signature, ensuring that it complies with the site rules. We are keeping most of the gameplay changes to ourselves at this point, in essence the gameplay has changed to a progression format where you have to earn progressive challenges mission types and their associated equipment.

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Go To Topic Listing Mods. JohnnyKrosis Mar 17 You suck he spends a hard time on mods for you to mew a idiot. We are not going to list all of the changes at this time, we have some things we wanna keep to ourselves at this time. Sign in with Twitter. I am very excited with all of the new features. By going our own way, we have the opportunity to implement our own ideas and make them more suitable for Emergency 4.

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Global Fighters for Life. More movs in-depth missions along with the original style of mission types the game came with. EmergeNYC - imgurians I need your help! I think this will be the mod that closes the chapter of EM4 modding.

New York City Modification - Big Mods - International Emergency & First Responders Fan Forum

Latest tweets from manhattanmod. We have made them to be more involved in some instances so you have to do more to complete the tasks. Some of the new civil vehicles I noticed: But i like how it looks. Or sign in with your social account: We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

Borough Of Fire v1.

I have no desire to do further aircraft models, the Bell Jetranger for example is much much older and was replaced by other aircraft emergeency or about our era in which we chose to do.

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Posted January 22, The mod will contain many new features, such as a progressive style of gameplay, unique missionscripted events, interface changes, new functionalities and -of course- a new map. At this point, can you tell us any more about what's planned for these? So many new vehicles.

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