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My font is augie.. This method is messing up my phone. This takes a little bit of experimenting and patience, but if you're up for it, you should be able to tweak it exactly how you want it. Originally Posted by JP. Geometric Slabserif Light Italic.

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At this point, your phone is geonetric displaying the original font, so you can stop here if you wish to make no further changes. Nice font, i put it on my phone this evening.

Originally Posted by Estep Came across these posts: My font is augie. This method is messing up my phone. The active standby icons look like tabs instead of buttons because they fade out towards the bottom. It looks to my eyes like the PL version.

Open the file and look through the text to find the following lines: You can find the original Kabel with the name Geometric on the CDs.

Geometric Slabserif Turkish Light.

What fonts have you found online that work well with your phone? For those with hacked phones or MobileSigner, this is not an issue.

Phil's Fonts: Results

Restart your phone and boom! Did you make sure to install fontrouter in phone memory and not memory card? I think its from free fonts or something. If not, then the only way to transfer files is via pc suit or card reader?

Download Free Font Geometr231 BT

The original Logotype vector graphic, SVG is here: Most fonts I find tend to be only to fint able to display a geomdtric amount of symbols available, like when writing a text message, the font will display a few symbols, a box for symbols it can't display, or nothing at all for symbols, when pulling up the symbol screen. To change the font again, copy your new font back to 'c: May take some trial and error, but its nice to know that you can tweak the fonts to your liking.

Geometric Slabserif Light Turkish Volume. I am sure that it most likely works on other models as well, but I cannot guarantee that.

Geometric BT Roman Font Download For Free

ITC-Kabel is different and has a bigger x-hight. But the light needs to be on and show a little color on that white background. Geometric Slabserif Light Italic. If I just use a brush and white out some area around the light hitting the table then it does not look very good. The bigger question for me would be, do they display all symbols correctly?

Find tips, tricks, themes, apps, and accessories. Geometric Slabserif CE Light. For others, sign it online at Symbian Signed Open Signed. Geometric Slabserif Multilingual Light. This takes a little bit of experimenting and patience, but if you're up for it, you should be able to tweak it exactly how you want it. This process is easily reversible and once you get the hang of it, takes about minutes to change your fonts back and forth.

Here's my fav so far:

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