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By | 01.08.2018

Garena is that really weird, non-canon addition to your favorite series that you always forget existed FYI, I am a semi pro player in garena server one of the sls team and just last season, many pro players got banned for elo boosting. Apparently every time the client needs an update, it redownloads all of the files it needs to function. I live in Malaysia, so the ping would depend on the internet service provider.

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Riot gave Garena licenses to publish League in SEA back when they literally were just a small indie company. Garena even divided its players gajing multiple regions, shrinking the community even further, this, along with above issue leads to isolated in-game meta, where everybody picks a champion for stupid reasons, commonly Asian champions.

It was more of a "it's a shame Riot felt the need to use Garena because they were too small at the time to get their own market in SEA" But that's the way it goes. Feel free to also click "Stop" if it's running.

So without garena, you're not connecting to the lol servers. Turns out the RP prices are the same. Fuck their auto update tbh, it's so unoptimised that I manage to find manual way to do it. I seriously dlient there was some new skin for garen that was completely bugged out, or was horribly bad. Aside from the problems mentioned by OP, here are some other problems we have to face: We gamung greatly improved our game installation and patch processes.

Also aren't they not enabling the in game voice chat yet?

How to Fix garena client showing install in client PC - CCBoot v Diskless Boot System

It's essentially a virus just waiting for Garena's orders. Wow gee look at that, I get some random extension installed in my Chrome.

Damn, I hope this Garena problem will cliennt solved anytime soon. I live in Malaysia, so the ping would depend on the internet service provider. Which is actually very bad, as Axe can just make the usual creep-cut technique and his creeps would just melt the tower.

I would like to play DotA, But Garena died, is there any other popular host ?

Garena doesn't even have good infrastructure for its events Yeah, every year they try to make this big event that's supposed to be a year end tournament thing for every region. So without garena, you're not connecting to the lol servers Is garena mordekaiser? Just a giant trash company. Which is pretty potato by today's standards. Seriously, fuck that attitude. They have established a gamin regional monopoly, pretty much. But you soil the name of garena you will be banned on sight, like pre-freedom Tyler1 What is garena?

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I have an i5and a Big investor but they weren't the owner till after this happened. The playerbase here is very low, like very very low.

At the end we win easily and the enemy was clueless what to do and how graena utilize Aegis advantage, they just blindly hit the tier 3 and traded there. It's just a button, no one is there agming. They are non-existent for DotA1 anymore.


Also garena sever didn't have all the loot change in patch 8. Now, I don't watch their streams like the local LCS, or whatever garena calls itso I can't talk about that.

I still enjoy taming 3x Master Yi champ. More stable connection than discord. If i wanna play, i gotta reinstall the game every fucking time!

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