Caltiki the immortal monster

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Caltiki, the Immortal Monster will never be mistaken for either of those films, though, for whereas its British predecessors were sober, tasteful, and occasionally even thought-provoking affairs, this movie is an unapologetic slab of concentrated cheese of the sort that only the Italians can deliver. The truck explodes, and the resulting flames apparently destroy the monster. The Unknown , we have a nearly indestructible, radioactive blob serving as our primary threat. As the team escapes, the shapeless mass begins to crawl out of the cave. Instagram has returned invalid data.

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Once there, they find a deep pool of water and a giant statue to the ancient Mayan goddess Caltiki, said to be vengeful and in need of human sacrifice. Running out of oxygen, he comes back up, clutching as much gold as he can carry.

As in The Creeping Unknownthe monster essentially takes over a human being, who escapes from the hospital and goes on a fairly effective rampage despite having a gimp arm as a souvenir of his initial encounter with the beastie.

John Fielding John Merivale. Italian Horror Film Directors. AllMovie gave the film a generally positive review, calling it "a neat and compelling science fiction-horror amalgam, squeezing cosmology together with archeology and myth to create a genuinely fascinating and original thriller.

Still on his arm is a small piece of the blob, which is slowly digesting him. Every monster that made its way to movies seems to have had a major heyday at some point. Anyone who appears at any point wearing a white lab coat can be counted upon to deliver a steady torrent of very large words assembled seemingly at random into sentences with no discernable meaning.


Meanwhile, a comet is due to pass close to the Earth, the very same comet that passed near the Earth at the time the Mayan civilization collapsed, raising the question: Caltiki, il mostro immortale is a inmortal science fiction - horror film.

Hoping to find artifacts, the group sends one of their own down into the pool.

While attempting to convince the Mexican government to send its army to destroy the reproducing blobs, Fielding is arrested but manages to escape. A comet emitting radiation, that crosses Earth's path only once in every years, is quickly approaching. I sculpted them myself. I monstet enclose it in my body of work.

After the release of I VampiriFreda took on another new genre, the science fiction film with his next genre film Caltiki - The Immortal Monster. The film was released in Italy on 8 August where it grossed less than Bava's and Freda's previous genre collaboration Immortao Vampiri.

Unfortunately, the removed sample of creature is stored in the home of expedition member Dr. The surgeons carefully remove the creature, wrapping it up. But those were all scientific menaces.

At the comet's closest approach to Earth, the remaining piece of the blob removed during the surgery, begins expanding to an enormous size and reproducing. Moments later, the caltikk creature that attacked him rears up from the pool, attempting to digest anyone within reach. Filippo Sanjust Immoortal Freda [1].

Films directed by Riccardo Freda. Retrieved 19 May Italian Gothic Horror Films, — They might focus on the mass-produced rip-offs of internationally successful Hollywood blockbusters, like the innumerable cheap copies that rose up in the wake of The Exorcist or Jaws.

Caltiki, the Immortal Monster

Fearing for his safety, the group pulls him back to the surface, only to find, upon removing his face mask, that his flesh has been reduced to a decayed mass over his skeleton.

Massimo De Rita who worked as a unit manager for Galatea spent time on the set of Caltiki and opined that "at 90 percent Bava was also the director of Caltiki. Director Riccardo Freda was angered by the way producers and other filmmakers had his cinematographer Mario Bava work on previous films, [5] specifically films of Pietro Francisci.

Films directed by Mario Bava. One archaeologist comes stumbling back to camp, his partner dead, raving about having seen something in a cave. A colleague finally convinces the authorities to sound an alarm because the multiplying creatures will soon be beyond even their ability to control. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Syntax is so tortured that even inmates at Abu Ghraib feel sorry for it.

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