Acid house mix

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Smith is Fast Eddie, so that explains the awesomeness of this track. This is a bit more layered than Chicago tunes of the era but still minimal and trippy as you like. Everything from soulful deep house and disco all the way to proper detroit techno, but if there is one thing that always gets me, it's the Silver Box!!! Yeah, it was a quality mix mate, I've shared it to my mates, hope you don't mind? He started releasing way back in but this is a great acid track with a nice echoey line and a vocal about Mr.

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The 20 best acid house records ever made

This track is his finest hour, a rather slow-paced dark acid tune,with pitched down vocals, satanic laughter and smashing glass sounds leading into a driving line over a steady beat. This track is on the B-side of a freestyle track with terrible vocals acod the record is sought-after by freestyle collectors as well as acid house ones.

Woahhhhh, this is an epic mix for acid house lovers!!! Smith is Fast Eddie, so that explains the awesomeness of this track. Aug 1 Explore the visual history of rave culture with this handy Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

Acid House Hot Mix! by MANIK | Free Listening on SoundCloud

So I planned to not have more than one track per artist in this list, but I put this one in without ever checking who actually made it. The original instrumental was pretty amazing. I can only squeeze in one track by each of the great producers really, so aux. Another rap about female problems, this time over a quick beat and a beautifully burbling acid line. This is kind of the theme song of acid house — Maurice from Da Posse rapping through a pitch-shift effect over a slowly growing acid line and a funky and crisp beat, with nice congas and tasteful use of the cowbell as heard all over Whitney Houston records of the era.

Jan 4 Drugs weren't the real reason Margaret Thatcher tried to ban Want to advertise here? Just now I googled the names of the writers of the track: Can you imagine if this many great records came out in ? Before Gerald Simpson left State and became A Guy Called Gerald, he helped them create the first and possibly the only UK acid house tracks worthy of comparison with those from Chicago.

Even though nearly all the best records were made in Chicago, the music took off in a big way over here, it was massively popular, much imitated, loved by clubbers and ravers and misunderstood by the uouse.

My is quite out of tune — high notes are rather sharp and the low octave is noticeably flat. I loved it all.

Quite simple but actually with a lot more going on than most acid tracks — at least two more synths and a vocal besides the usual drum machine and combination! It turns out that N. As most of you already know, I am a student of the game, and I absolutely love many different types of underground dance music.

It's too good hokse to share. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In an important way, acid house was a UK scene. This is the only record on this list from apart from the next….

It took months for me to understand that hardcore rave was different to techno because of the breakbeats. So much has been written about it. He started releasing way back in but this is a great acid track with a nice echoey line and a vocal about Mr.

I've been planning this for months, and luckily with the holidays, I had some free time to finally do it! Lots of Chicago tracks were only released over here. This controversy was rendered irrelevant when Tyree or possibly Rodney Baker stole the idea and made a track superior to both.

Da Posse was a group of four people including Maurice see below and Hula, both of whom released some serious solo jams. Acid house is of course a sub-genre of house music developed around in Chicago. I snapped them up, took them home and got submerged in the sounds of Phuture, Armando, Liddell Townsell and the rest.

Jack Trax also released the same track with a Martin Luther King speech over the top.

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