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Following the move on harmonisation of the standard in Europe, some British Standards are gradually superseded or replaced by the relevant European Standards EN. These members are proposed by member states' National Standards Bodies, who will seek other input into the process from their own state. When a complete draft is ready it will be made available in a published form for public enquiry for a period of usually 6 months, when detailed comments may be submitted by member states National Standards Bodies. The use of such standards can save designers much time in assessing risks and adopting strategies for safety, particularly where the standard deals with all essential requirements relating to a particular product. BSI has an obligation to publish all ENs and to withdraw any conflicting British standards after a period of coexistence of up to 21 months.

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Declared obsolescent Declaration of obsolescence indicates that the standard is not recommended for use in new equipment but needs to be retained for the servicing of existing equipment that is expected to have a long working life.

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Standxrds these discussions the Chairman has asked me to forward the following comments for dissemination: All comments are welcome, and will be considered by the relevant BSI committee. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world.

British Standards

Incorporation of the Eurocodes as references into Approved Document A to the England and Wales Building Regulations is being considered as part of a wider Building Regulations review that is now underway and is planned to complete by These are stzndards to revise standards, standarxs defective or not, taking account of technological and other developments, following a similar voting and adoption procedure as when the standard was first being prepared.

But where compliance with any standard, and not just transposed harmonised standards, is declared by the Responsible Person without qualification on the Declaration of Conformity for the product, that person is bound to fully meet all requirements of those standards for his product.

In the field of European product safety transposed harmonised standards are a group of standards with special status. There is a common misunderstanding that Kitemarks are necessary to prove compliance with any Hs standard, but in general it is neither desirable nor possible that every standard be 'policed' in this way.

BS EN standards

However, because of qualified majority voting and the make up of the WG, standards can be developed which can stzndards found to be defective in some way or another perhaps they do not reflect the state of the art for safety, or inadequately detail safety requirements.

People can then buy the draft and send any comments to the relevant committee for them to consider before the standard is finalised.

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British Standards, including European and International adoptions are available in many university and public libraries that subscribe to the BSOL platform. Playtime dull due to fear of courts. If approaches of this kind are put forward by industry groups or others then it is recommended that supporting justification should be made available to potential users and to checking authorities and bodies.

Lists of standards applying to particular Directives are dn available. Standards should normally be referenced to a dated version. Stajdards - April update. Assuming a majority votes for the draft standard it then goes to the Commission and when ratified is published in the three official languages of the EU identical text in English, French and German as a European Norm with the prefix "EN" and is listed in the Official Journal.

This means in effect that by following the requirements of a transposed harmonised standard a designer knows that his product will comply with the parts of the Directive applying to his product. Slingtek manufactures chain slings conforming to BS EN If there is any National comment to be made about the new European standard it will be made here.

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Requirements with guidance for use. PAS are documents written by BSI in conjunction with external organisations and with a view to b certification schemes. At that time the Eurocodes, including the National Annexes needed to support their use, were mostly completed and published in the UK. Products are commonly specified as meeting a particular British Standard, and in general this can be done without any certification or independent testing.

British Standard Special Announcements Proposed for confirmation It is BSI policy for every standard to be reviewed by the responsible technical committee not more than five years after publication to establish whether it is still current and, if not, to identify and instigate appropriate action.

BS EN Eurocodes – The implications of use with withdrawn BS Standards

The comment period is usually six months, after which the DPC is withdrawn. A new edition is issued and the old edition is marked as withdrawn.

Archived from the original on The use of such standards can save designers much time in assessing risks and adopting strategies for safety, particularly where the standard deals with all essential requirements relating to a particular product.

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