Electrical and electronic engineering dictionary

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A component that draws current or some type of gain. Dissipation of radio or sound waves as they interact with matter. You can help enhance this page by adding new terms or writing definitions for existing ones.

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Glossary of electrical and electronics engineering - Wikipedia

An instrument used to measure audio frequencies. Active Eldctrical are common within ICs, but they are not designed to sink much current [weak pull-up]. A small tube, used in low power uhf circuits, with closely spaced electrodes and no base.

However, glossaries like this one are useful for looking up, comparing and reviewing large numbers of terms together. A device that measures the acceleration to which it is subjected and develops a signal proportional to it.

However AB switches were produced to switch many types of cable interfaces, as in switching from one RS output to another, or switching between TV antennas as shown in the graphic to the right. When the Sum-of-Products expression is true the output is high.

The ratio of the signal level at the output of the device enginedring that of its input under a specified set of operating conditions. An assembly of a group of parts or a unit which is not always required for the operation of a set or unit as originally designed but serves to extend the functions or capabilities of the set, such as headphones for a radio set supplied with a loudspeaker, a separate power unit for use with a set having a built-in power supply, or a remote control unit for use with a set having integral controls.

The process of acquiring synchronism. Looking for Acronyms or Abbreviations.

Electronic Engineering Dictionary

This circuit style is also called RC coupling, with the resistors also affecting the signal between stages. The force required to operate a mechanical switch. The force applied to the actuator to operate the contacts. Refer to Manufacturers of Test Equipment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

An impurity which, when added to a semiconductor, accepts one electron from a neighboring atom and creates a hole in the lattice structure of the crystal.

The absorbing of light waves without reflection or refraction. C3 in the circuit to the right is a DC blocking capacitor. Refers to a non-inverted elctronic, the output is true when high and false when low. The science of sound. The opposition to the flow of current with out regard to phase shift or complex impedance. The part of a switch that is acted upon to cause the switch to change contact connections; for example, toggle, pushbutton, and rocker.

Refers to an inverted output, the output is true when low and false when high. Also see Power Plug.

An electrode charged several thousand volts positive and used to accelerate electrons toward dictipnary front of a Cathode-Ray Tube. The time lapsed between a given command and when the function is performed. This glossary of electrical and electronics engineering pertains specifically eengineering electrical and electronics engineering.

In a communications system, the time interval required to attain [clock] synchronism. Most of the terms listed in Wikipedia glossaries are already defined and explained within Wikipedia itself. Some fields apply this to engneering an audible sound, while other fields take it to mean any sound. History Outline Glossary Category Portal.

Glossaries of science and engineering. A device used to switch an incoming cable to either an 'A' output or 'B' output. Manufacturers of Accelerometers and other sensor vendors. Electrical engineering Electronic engineering Glossaries of science Wikipedia glossaries.

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