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I really like the work you have done. Thanks a lot for writing it and making it available for free. A nice, configurable Windows editor, very suitable for newbies to La TeX.

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Adam Gates I just had a look at your text editor and I am quite impressed.

ConTEXT Editor - Free Download - Tucows Downloads

Kate is an advanced multi-document text editor for KDE KWrite is in the same package, but handles only single documents. Mark Edson I have been developing software for about 8 years now and I too have gotten tired of expensive editors that still have tons of bugs conteext them.

We use this software every day for coding website and our Content Managment System. Armin Hoppe Very fine thing. It has just the right balance of features and simplicity. Author's review ConTEXT is a small, tedt and powerful freeware text editor, developed mainly to serve as secondary tool for software developers.

Fixed File Compare crash. Thank you very much for writing a terrific program!

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Has basic TeX syntax highlighting. Our business is quality and time to working, this software reflects this and we like it: I don't know how you find time to maintain a freeware product, but I certainly appreciate your efforts.

Mika Kulmala I just wanted to send an e-mail to show my appreciation. It operates in different "modes": Don't leave without your download!

After this i didn't find something like this for win. Michael Jordan I just downloaded your editor and so far I think it is great.

People shall make more freeware like yours, really: Linus Sarnhult It's a totally awesome freeware editor.

Freeware Text Editor

cojtext It is fast and it is not bloated with contdxt of functionality that will not be used anyway. For Windows users you can also use it under Wine wanting a more modern interface with loads of included features see especially the TextFX menuit deserves a close look. It was marginally useful 10 years ago but by now it's a ridiculously obsolete pile of junk. There is also Emacs-muse which is an extension. Your cpntext is also pretty nice. Fext was getting ready to write my own editor in my spare time because I had searched through several freeware editors that were out there and could not find one to fit my needs.

Anyway good work, this is the best text editor I have found. Old Open Source version was better. I'm looking forward to see the new versions. You created such wonderful program which has a lot of functions. My experience so far is that the program does exactly what is needed for the job at hand. You've put a lot of work into this, and it shows. Tomas Stout Hello, great program, use it everyday Your gaining on UEdit32, hope yours always stays freeware.

Thank you very much for making and keep on supporting, upgrading this fantastic software! I would pay for it. You can configure it easily. It is planned to be included in the Kate package itself in the near future though. Thanks a lot for edihor it and making it available for free.

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