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He knows this script inside and out and is not above ripping any site apart or trying to , like with me to gain a thrill,if it is on Ajax. Change Password - Users can change their account password from here. Bill Lewelling Post added at

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Get started give us a call or submit an inquiry thru our support form let us prove ourselves to you. All Hardhat VPS accounts include nightly backups and 14 days of archiving, stored off server and also off location.

Didn't feel there was a need for down votes Im telling you, I can see an end to the penny auction industry if he is not stopped! We are highly recommended Hosting Solution just read our testimonials. I don't like giving out private emails, but I figure if he tells me a customer this then he would tell anyone this, and I figure it's ok.

On the upside, your site appears to be running well. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. What is his deal?

I am going to contact Aaron right now Sign up using Email and Password. So phhp just goes around, and shuts down those sites that use that script?

For instance, when a user sends a bid via ajax to a php file on the server this will then check if the user is logged in and then then sanitise the data before the bid is entered into the database.

The winner pays the final price for the auction item which will be lower than the actual price. PayPal is the default payment gateway.

Your botbidder page I no longer have that on my sitecan be activated, and bot users added without your knowledge, un;ess you continuously check it.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

There bids can be manipulted, people can use other bidders accounts has not happened to me to place bids on items. Hopefully the upgrade can help you out.

Security through obscurity is never security. If the information you're keeping in JavaScript is so sensitive that it can't be seen and is a risk because of "JavaScript's open nature", it should not be in JavaScript.

Regardless whether you should or should not have posted that email Thats when the word sue comes into mind, as I am into his script and services for a bunch of money now. Security through obscurity is no security at all, as always. We Host customers from small VPS accounts all the way up to multi dedicated server environments and millions of dollars in revenues. Johnciv6, Auctiion was a little apprehensive at saying much to you, but now I am sure you are not my former partner The auction price start with 0 and each time a participant make bids the price of the auction increase by XX cent amount.

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Transaction History - Users can view all their transaction activities from this section. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Refer a Friend - Users can refer as many friends as they wish. Some functions are much easier, but they are fewer, and Aaron is running a bit late anymore with customer support Our System administrators can assist you in configuring the environment to your specific sites performance needs. You should seriously try to turn him in.

Hell, now Im glad I dont have a sponsored forum, as it would right now, just be a waste. The first mistake many site owners make when running auction software is using Shared hosting due to its cheap price but find the software will not run auctoon and was not designed to run on shared hosting do to resource requirements memory and cpu. Jeez man, Im sorry.

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