Cla classic compressors

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Yeah the cla76 and cla2a dont have the smoothness and hifi quality of their UAD counterparts nor do they have the ability to be aggressive like Rocket. Originally Posted by Tranny-Cap-Tube. Keep in mind that the Waves CLA compressors are modeled specifically after Chris Lord Alge's own hardware, which may or may not sound like the typical reference versions.

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I thought I was getting color. The CLA-3A rocks with more of a transistorized and modern sound--it proved a good choice for pads, electric rhythm guitar tracks and, when compressing up to 10dB, produces a great Rock n' Roll piano sound.

I'm pretty excited about this one all right! Fla Posted by M2E. But, point being you can like it or not for your music, but they did a great job with my favorite compressor ever.

WAVES CLA Classic Compressors

By using this site, you agree to our use clasdic cookies. They are available separately and part of Waves Mercury. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. As for the real I don't agree with who says is not exciting, it is indeed one of the more exciting compressors for me. New Reply Thread Tools. Originally Posted by bigbone.

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You get mono and stereo emulations of four of UA's famed compressors: THe 2a and 3a - well - I can see the meters moving but man Never be afraid to run several plugs in series, if need be. The variable internal comprwssors is useful though. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered.

These are the very units that, during Chris' long career, have seen more gold and platinum hit record vocals pass through them than a 1, other compressors--hardware or software. Even the CLA didn't rock my drums as the Rocket usually does. I don't like the FET on that mode at all, personally. I try them lightly on bass guitar in compression mode, "flat", and Analog off so as to compare them fairly with my other "go to" bass guitar compressor plug-ins.

I have the UAD versions of all 3 plugs and prefer the Waves ones. Both the 2A and the 3A have been awesome for me on electric guitars, especially for cleaner, more dynamic tones. Back To Home Page. I really like the CLA-3A, too. Today's Posts support us Cka advertise our advertisers.

By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Originally Posted by PureArtist. I've found nothing comperssors. I agree the CLA2A is somehow unexciting, not comparing it to the real thing, then which one?

I only use these plugins for Vox, Ac Gtr's, and Keyz, never drums. Originally Posted by anguswoodhead.

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Yeah the cla76 and cla2a dont have the smoothness and hifi quality of their UAD counterparts comoressors do they have the ability to be aggressive like Rocket.

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But the cla3a works really well for agressive rock vox, try maxing the input gain, adds a nice distortion and agressive compression. Funny, drums was the first I tried these plugs on and perhaps that got me a little biased. Take a look at the CLA videohe's giving some good info about his plugin.

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