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The field data like text, images, links etc. Addon default value init in Article FIX: Additional Capabilities The surveys and polls component comes with a content plugin allowing inserting your surveys right into content articles.

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Create and delete articles in bulk Create up to 10 articles in a row. If you want to show your client a new feature or some work you've done, so they or their legal team can sign off the new content, simply show them the staging environment.

How to use hgml No trial, no artificial field limit but free and fully working. You can also change some parameters so that the plugin will function as you want. Ease of use Read the instructions; If you do this component is not too difficult to use. Direct edition in your articles From your Joomla!

Please don't open any customization support issue.

Border radius fatal error FIX: Longer search strings sometimes match less cases - often due to variances in whitespace 2. The articles are displayed in a grid layout with ajax animation to show the text, thus speeding up the content delivery to your visitors.

If you have troubles working with CSS just let us know, we will be glad to help you. This lets us edit our help documentation as needed and then reimport in batch mode very efficiently. Library of elements Choose any element and add it to your content in 1 click. Changes are stored directly in the database itself, which vastly speeds up page load time compared to other available components and plugins.

Start your own survey business. This way your user who submits the form needs no knowledge of this. Back to search results.

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Modal popup image issue Pro. The field data like text, images, links etc.

Posted on 06 March Similarly, you can also redo a change in no time. Free download Paid download. Multiple Blogs on One Site You can set up as many blogs as it is required.

Free download Joomla page builder right now and enjoy other improvements as well. With these many options each article can be customized to your website and content and the new articles are added to your website just as if you wrote them yourself: My client wanted a site where information could easily be entered into front end form and then produce clean articles with the same layout.

It filters the feed-sources by keywords, generates a new article which automatically has own keywords, removes links, link-texts or images - if you want, adds advertising which you can change at any time you want, integrates the original article with an lightbox-effect and refreshes your own website-feed. With some input from him we were able to get Html2Articles working correctly. This module will display the related articles in a fly out box. It can also be used to migrate your Data from other components to Joomla Articles.

Functionality Wasn't sure if it works with K2 on Joomla 2. Improved the Joomla content integration plugin FIX: Once the database is migrated you'll just need to install a Joomla 3. Why should you choose obGrabber? Also, you can set the importance scale for each reply inside the survey.

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