Cod waw custom zombie maps

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No Selling, Buying, or Trading. Heya, its Storm here and today I am talking about my tip ten favorite Call of duty world at war custom maps. Have any ideas for a post you would want next?

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Clinic Of Evil One of the most detailed custom maps released to-date! Then you have fun maps, which cid usually decent maps but lack features like big EE's and buyable endings but you can have fun with these ones as they have some additional game modes like gungame, headshots only and you can tweak the settings before the game starts to suit your needs.

Even Lex liked it!

Call Of Duty:Nazi Zombies

Perish Set your feet to the solid grounds of New Paris to unfold its mysteries. Winter Wunderland In an abandoned town deep in the mountains, the frozen undead rise from the snow Upon release many thought this was an impossible map but it isnt, it just requires a mas but of RNG at the start to get you going.

No 0ne View Profile View Posts. Aye u added my Super Mario 64 map. This map is pretty good aside from the raining perks. You can also share beta links, once we move out we simply redirect the links to the correct site Before we dive into the major changes, let's talk about you and your privacy first! All running pages of UGX-Mods need to be reloaded for your best experience. Looking to finish what I started Was Yesterday'; dod you fight off the hordes and survive the rig?

Simply head over to https: Dont download all at the same time Im lagging soo much XD.

Best waw custom maps ? : CODZombies

Last edited by Xperience ; Aug 16, 1: My favourite one on this list. If you're new to custom zombies or looking for amazing and unique maps to download, this is the place for you! I love Der Berg. Start a New Zobmie. Moderators will remove any Submission deemed to be detrimental to the Subreddit.

HexZombies and Awesome Pieman. The maker did a amazing job, I could see it as a real tryarch map! This map is loved by all the custom zombies players because one, its Nacht and it has perks and other goodies.

Arguably the hardest custom WaW map due to no upgraded weapons, limited access to box, endless spawns of zombies and dod only way out is to get lucky enough to not run out of ammo before you make enough points to buy out, you arnt running anywhere as the map is so tight you just have to sprat and pray.

This map was remastered and there is even a little mob of the dead surprise. This is fun, not really challenging unless you are doing like a no perk challenge on here but it is one of the original challenge maps so thought id include it.

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Berlin Hell Hospital by chromastone Featured post Make way for a very special guy. No reason for you to be a jerk about how many cstom he has.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. I would recommend this to the causal players or those who just want to chill with friends.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Simply go to new.

Fun map, great idea and great design and some cool features but not too challenging if you know what you are doing. It zombje like you are offline.

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