Best christmas pageant ever script

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Not even for Jesus? Each of us has faced our own times of darkness; we have felt alone, we have been afraid; Yet we trust that we, too, Will find that dark and light are two halves of one whole, And turn again to life With courage and with faith. He pats her on the back.

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Any Condition Any Condition. Mother just stared at them. Light in our hearts, the light of hope Light the second candle.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Best Selling in Textbooks, Education See all. Cast members of all ages took solos and broke into parts for different songs, giving the caroling a cozy, homey feel. Helen Armstrong fell and broke her leg my mother was put pageang charge of the Christmas pageant.

Imogene smokes a cigar and Mother comes over to bother narrator.

THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER embodies the spirit of Christmas | Utah Theatre Bloggers

After the third candle is lit, the wise men begin lighting for the whole congregation, and Alice goes to help. Family choir arranges itself by bext Narrator: It sheds a warmth I cannot tell. This item doesn't belong on this page.

More about Barbara Robinson. Ralph Herdman plays a diligent Joseph after Imogene gives him a threatening glare and begins to rock her doll as gently as though it were a real baby. All lights now dimmed and people on platform light candles. The Fire Chief gave all of wver kids a lecture about playing with matches.

When we came out of the church that night it was cold and clear, with crunchy snow underfoot and scrilt, bright stars overhead. So you had to be impressed.

THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER embodies the spirit of Christmas

It made the babies feel cozy and comfortable. The Herdmans make an elaborate affair out of lighting the chalice, looking mischievously delighted while the family choir seated on the risers on stage look aghast and alarmed.

Where did they come from? Just got my ticket! Did you have a question Imogene? It was a terrific fire—two engines and two police cars and all the volunteer firemen and five dozen doughnuts sent up from the Tasti-Lunch Diner.

Mother was in a hurry to finish so she christnas Mother: They come to church for the refreshments and help themselves to the sacramental wine and donation money. Do you suppose he could have had colic? This year's pageant is definitely like no other, but maybe that's exactly what makes it so pagexnt.

The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world. But if you were a medium kid like me, and you kept your mouth shut, you did okay. Subjects Juvenile Fiction Humor Fiction.

He was so mean he could have been their ancestor—Herod Herdman. And I thought about the Pwgeant of the Lord—Gladys with her skinny legs and her dirty sneakers sticking out from under her robe, yelling at all of us, everywhere: So there was my mother, stuck with a Christmas pageant full of Herdmans in the main roles.

Help us to remember that in each one of us burns a flame which brightens the world.

Imogene smokes a cigar and Mother comes over to bother narrator Narrator: Maybe the Wise Men would tell Mary about their problems with Herod, and she would tell them to go back and lie their heads off.

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