Honeywell egpws database

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Receive daily updates from around the helicopter industry right in the palm of your hand with Vertical Daily News. It is necessary to register with Honeywell in order to be able to download the free database updates, however, it is not necessary to register - or have any login or password information - in order to find out what the version number of the most current database for your aircraft is. Sign up for your free Digital Alert from Vertical and Vertical magazines. Your email address will not be published. So the request was passed on to the crew of Dublin-based Rescue , who accepted the tasking.

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Shop Shop Canada Shop International. Hope this information helps. Cockpit voice recordings indicated that, as the aircraft approached Black Rock, Duffy was using weather radar to identify terrain features ahead.

The Sikorsky S helicopter, operated for the coast guard by CHC Ireland, was on a mission to provide top cover to another Irish Coast Guard rescue helicopter when it disappeared near Black Rock, the largest of a group of rocks approximately nine nautical miles west of Blacksod Bay in County Mayo. Download a PDF or view a flipbook online now. After the accident, however, Honeywell informed investigators that Black Rock was not in the terrain database for the EGPWS, and that the lighthouse at Black Rock was not in the obstacle database.

Speculation as to the root cause is unhelpful to the process and potentially hurtful to the families and friends of those involved.

EGPWS Data Updates

Rescue departed Egpds shortly after 11 p. TAWS such as the MK V that are intended for use in large aircraft Boeing or Airbus types and in long-range corporate aircraft Gulfstreams, Challengers, anything else that could reasonably be expected to operate intercontinentally have a much larger flash memory storage capacity, and can hold a global database.

The N after the version number means it is an Adtabase database. For Honeywell any how For our fleet the display is currently tdb, my guess is the current DB is designated by the airline Nope, the number is from Honeywell.

Rescue helicopter struck island that wasn't in terrain warning database - Vertical Magazine

Once established at a lower altitude, the flight crew programmed a direct course to the waypoint BLKMO to commence the arrival route to Blacksod.

Subscribe To Vertical Digital Alerts. But, that is not so for all aircraft. That number is the version number of the currently loaded database. Here is the website you can go to to download all the details about the current database release: Satair and Metamaterial sign deal to bring laser strike protection to global aviation market. A multicoloured test screen will appear, and in the middle of the test screen, you will see a number. When contacted by Vertical for comment, a Honeywell spokesperson said that the company is unable to respond to media inquiries during an active investigation.

If your experience has been gained on Boeing or Airbus aircraft, it is understandable that you would presume databases are global. Advertising Media Kit Advertising Inquiries. So the request was passed on to the crew of Dublin-based Rescuewho accepted the tasking. Read the Latest Issue. The scope of the terrain database depends on what model of TAWS it dqtabase be loaded into. Your email address will not be published.

There is none, nor is there a cost to have the data base updated, at least there was not a year or so ago. It does not include Black Rock. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Rescue 116 helicopter struck island that wasn’t in terrain warning database

The website provided earlier in this discussion by another forum member is Honeywell Aerospace - Database Services https: En route to Sligo, however, the crew requested a routing change from Dublin Air Traffic Control to instead refuel farther west at Blacksod Lighthouse, where Rescue had taken on fuel a short time earlier.

Daily News Receive daily updates from around the helicopter industry right in the palm of your hand with Vertical Daily News. Subscribe honywell Vertical Digital Alerts. The Irish Air Corps was initially asked to provide top cover for the mission, but did not have an aircraft and crew available. Dara Fitzpatrick, co-pilot Capt. Subscribe to one, or all of our magazines.

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