Aab e hayat by umera ahmed

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I was quite hesitant in reading the sequel to peer e kamil, one of my favourite books, scared to ruin it but well I wasn't disappointed. There end was sort of abrupt and weak. That's really what's happened in this novel, that Umama has died. Negative and one-sided portrayal of a sect of Muslims, which reflects the culture of intolerance present in our society.

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In the next half of Novel there kids, you don't only envy to them but starting to hate them. Because peer e kamil has it's own charm and worth. I just want to point out the demerits with the merits.

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Not only was Imama being a source of aymed for many in Peer-e-kamil annoying but foolish in the first chapters. It was very difficult to digest the story of these "zaheen tareen dimag". On the other hand, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years Probably the best sequel of the best book. I am going to write what I felt, bu truth, the good and the bad.

Imama and Salar have had their love story told, they are finally together and now they have to decide what kind of a life they are going to lead together. To view it, click here. But it was compensated very well by the end of the book.

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The prophet PBUH said: The character of Jibrael Sikandar. Ayesha's depressing life story, Ahsan Saad's hypocrisyJibrails character, Eric's conversion to Abdullah.

It's all very nice and gooey and romantic but for someone like me, it seems a little pretentious and a little too easy. The only plot up till now is how much Umama is insecure about her new life and how much Salar is in love with his wife and how perfect his is.

The characters in the story are just as much humans as we are and so is the author so a little margin should be given to everyone.

A true depiction of endless and blind faith in Allah. This guy here was an epitome of perfection at being an awesome husband, human being and always-trying-to-be-a-Better-Muslim. Umera's knowledge and research about secret agencies is impressive.

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Lists with This Book. Despite all this, I decided to give it a read and after twenty-five months of reading the sequel I'll say I'm still as ambivalent as I was before I started reading it. I simply loved it! It has pulled me towards realizing what ''eternal life'' in the ''hereafter'' means, aag ''Jannah'' means!

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat) (Peer-e-Kamil, #2) by Umera Ahmed

Dec 30, Rameez Ahmad rated it it was ok. Romanticising male chauvinistic behavior 5. Dec 01, Sidra Irfan Malik rated it liked it Shelves: The book just looks like its the first draft umeraa could really use some re-editing.

The redemption of characters was exemplary, the mention of old home, Alzheimer's and the family reunion was very apt, it really hit the mark. I really have amed words to describe how truly gripping it was. Maybe I'm an over-zealous fan of the Imama-Salar enterprise who isn'tI understand that with the storyline it really was hard to accommodate, it was done with grace but I think the gap between the two books could've been better bridged, another incident of s success of a franchise going to people's heads maybe on both sides.

Dec 01, H. Aab-e-Hayat was well-researched and the references were well placed, I thoroughly enjoyed them where expression was good except at points when bad grammar was used, it sounded like name-dropping or the use of English seemed pretentious.

This needed to be highlighted. Ujera, y'all please tell me, is there not another respectable profession besides business and medicine?. Overall, it was very typical stuff with Salar's brain tumor, Humain's narrow escape, Chunni's adoption and everything that could go right for one family!

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